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from http://internauta2010.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/stateside/

Well, it’s official.  The first half of my 2010 is going to look something like this:

San Francisco → Zurich airport → Vienna for New Year’s → Florence for three months → Zurich airport → Midwest for spring term.

This winter I’ll be in Florence, Italy, studying the Italian language and Renaissance art, intellectual life and politics in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest Arts in Context program.  Naturally the thing to do is start a blog.

I still have to buy train tickets to and from Austria (and figure out just if I should fork over money for a Eurail Pass as Rail Europe so badly wants me to), figure out my New Year’s Eve accommodations, and apply for an Italian visa.  I also should probably work on trying to find a job for this summer since I won’t be readily available for a face-to-face/phone interview when I’m abroad.  Not to mention that I still have a few weeks left of homework and final papers/projects that I’m badly behind on.

It just hit me how nervous I’m going to get about Europe before I actually get there.  I’m the type to accumulate anxiety, as the previous paragraph might indicate.

Other things worth noting about me: I’m from California, attending a small Midwestern liberal arts college where I’m a junior English major with tentative plans to go to school for environmental law.  During summer 2008, I studied at NUI Galway in western Ireland, so I am familiar with electric showers and other oddities of European life.  Well, odd to me, anyway.  Hobbies include exploring my school’s Arboretum, DJing for the student radio station, writing stories, eating many kinds of food.  I’m short, constantly worried, and very interested in getting out of my comfort zone.  Enough about that.