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Proof of life

Back in the States.  As feared (expected), I did not keep up with the Europe blog.  Oh well.

I'm having a hard time with reverse culture shock.  Re-acclimating to a rigorous academic schedule, a campus culture which keeps pushing everyone to work at full capacity all the time (for what?), bad food, bad fashion is much more of a challenge than going over there was.  Thankfully I'm back with friends and that helps more than they know.

Also, Mexican food.  Yes.

This term I am taking an upper-level English class (US literary realism, whoomp), environmental ethics, and advanced short story writing. Kind of frustrating, the last one: I was hoping for more of an exercise-based class, but it's pretty much a critique workshop.  Obviously that has its value, too, and I know that the best practice is just doing it; still, though, I'd like to see a little more guided writing.  That might just be because I can't write anything I like these days.  Well, I have a short story due tomorrow at 5 pm.  Deadlines are good, because whether it's okay or total tripe I will have something to turn in, and maybe I'll be able to share it here too.


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Apr. 11th, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
"environmental ethics"?

They need a whole semester to explore what "Don't fucking throw your garbage any old place you think is OK" means? :P

(Srs. A lot of the complicated environmental legislation we have basically boils down to, "quit throwing your crap where someone else has to clean it up without being compensated for it.")
Apr. 15th, 2010 09:48 am (UTC)
I spent many hours dreaming that I wrote you a postcard except now I realize that I really just dreamed this and it is very sad. Also, birria.
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