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The Oikos Project

California story-making

31 August 1988
This is my writing journal. I'm going to write an original novel, and this will be my record of all the floundering and suffering and cursing I'll go through along the way. I'll also post personal essays on why I write, how I write, and what I want this project to accomplish. Entries containing original fiction will be friends-locked; but please feel free to add me, because the more people to see this through with me, the better. Your input is always more than welcome.
2046, 70s sketch comedy, a lost lady, alan lomax, aldo leopold, allen ginsberg, almost famous, american literature, ani difranco, anna karina, appalachia waltz, arrested development, ashokan farewell, bad girl guides, ballykissangel, barbara kingsolver, bare feet, being a dork, berkeley, blue highways, blues, books, california, california writers, candle in the wind, catherine deneuve, chino latino, college ave, confederates in the attic, connemara, conventionally unattractive british actors, craftsman homes, creative non-fiction, culture, cynicism, daydreaming, dharma bums, diners at 3 am, driving aimlessly, east bay, eavesdropping, ecology, editing, edward abbey, etiquette, eudora welty, feminism, fiction, fictional hot catholic priests, french movies, galway, gender roles, global warming, going corporate maybe, good food, grizzly peak, half asian, hana-kimi, hiking, hippies, how-our-environment-shapes-us, humor as coping mechanism, impractical beautiful shoes, in-the-mood-for-love, ireland, istanbul, japan, jim/anyone but pam, john muir, katherine anne porter, la malinche, la nouvelle vague, literature, london 2012, lost in translation, low self-esteem, mad men, magical realism, making fun of bros, mark o'connor, michael sheen, mixed race, máirtín ó cadhain, nadia comaneci, naturalism, nature, netflix, new mexico, obsessing, pacific coast highway, paris, partying, peeing in inappropriate locations, perceptions of the west, personal essays, place and space, poetry, point reyes, procrastinating, realism, richard brautigan, road trips, robson green, running, running in the arb, sayonara mrs. kackleman, scotch-irish, self-awareness, self-deprecating humor, shakespeare, shooting stars, southern writers, stella im hultberg, sunglasses, taking walks, taking-down-the-patriarchy, talking about periods, talking shop, tell-all books about snl, the bean trees, the beeb, the blues brothers, the dark is rising, the dust bowl, the graduate, the great american novel, the long walk, the outsiders, the reduced shakespeare company, the trouble with wilderness, the virgin suicides, the-human-heart-in-conflict-with-itself, tilden park, traveling, tír na nóg, unconventional beauty, understatement, wabi sabi, walt whitman, where-in-the-usa-is-carmen-sandiego?, william carlos williams, william faulkner, wire in the blood, wong kar-wai, writing